WIRTHCO Battery Terminal Bolt

3/8``-16 thread size.
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PERFORMANCE TOOL Battery Terminal Bolts

Performance Tool battery terminal replacement bolts will swap out both worn bolts, positive and negative. They are designed to replace bolts on side terminal batteries and can be used for car, marine and RV applications.

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MR. GASKET Master Disconnect Switch

This master disconnect switch positively shuts off all of the current from the battery in the event of a short or accident. It includes an adhesive decal to show both on & off positions and detailed instructions for a safe installation.

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PERTRONIX 1266 Ignitor Distributor Conversion Kit

Pertronix Ignitor solid-state ignition systems deliver more energy with greater timing accuracy. The secret lies in the trigger magnets, which spin with the rotor and operate a switching module that requires no external control box. These systems are immune to heat, oil and debris and install in about 15 minutes with only two wires to connect. They come...

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MR. GASKET Competition Wire Looms

Designed for all-out competition, these racing wire looms eliminate "cross firing" by keeping the ignition wires insulated from the steel supports and sufficiently separated from each other. Each plastic divider clips to a chrome plated steel bracket, which can be attached to valve covers, intake manifolds, etc. These looms are compatible with tall valve...

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